Thursday, July 1, 2010

Artist's Bookmaking, Week 1

For the next seven weeks, I'll be taking a class every Thursday night at a local adult education center, called "Artist's Bookmaking."

I'll be gluing, binding, cutting and stitching, making all kinds of handmade books.

It started last week with an introductory class and lesson. The instructor, Cristina Hajosy, is an accomplished artist and she brought in a bunch samples to show us the kinds of things we'll be working on- different types of bindings and techniques such as marbling and embossing and collage and more.

For the first week, we practiced a simple Japanese stab stitch to bind the packet of handouts that Cristina made for us.

I didn't do a great job, but I had fun!

My plan for the blog is to post the previous week's project every Thursday so if you'd like to follow along, come back each week on Thursday for the latest.

According to the syllabus, tonight we'll be doing "paper folding techniques, hinges...covering book board, single sheet constructions and the basic accordion."

I've always wanted to learn to make my own books- what better hobby for a bibliophile, right? I mean, besides reading!