Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Salon - ReaderCon

Today is the last day of ReaderCon, an annual science fiction and fantasy literature convention held every year in Burlington, Mass., a suburb of Boston. This year is my second attending the con; even though I'm not a science fiction or fantasy reader myself, I love going because I always learn a lot, and because I always discover great new books. Since I have a full day left today, I'll save my summary for later this week but trust me- it's a great event.

I brought my e-reader along to the con and managed to read the entirety of Dan Chaon's brilliant Await Your Reply during conference breaks and downtime; truthfully, I could hardly stand to put the book down anytime. What a nailbiter! Someone told me that when I finished it I would want to start all over again- and I do! I'd had my eye on it when it came out but just never got around to it; as something I was interested in but unsure about, it seemed like a good candidate for e-reading. All I can say is, what a book!

Today I'll work on making some progress in Tom Rob Smith's Child 44, another nailbiter I'm enjoying a lot. It's keeping me going but it doesn't quite have the wild, I-have-to-know-right-now-what's-going-on quality of Await Your Reply. What I really need to start reading, though, is The Frozen Rabbi, Steve Stern's book that got such a great write-up in the New York Times Book Review last Sunday. Who says no one reads newspaper reviews anymore?

What are you up to today? I hope you're having a great Sunday.
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