Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Salon- Picking at the Bones of Borders

The big news in the book world this week of course is the bankruptcy of Borders and the close of 200+ stores nationwide. Here in Massachusetts I think we're losing 6; we're keeping the big store in Downtown Crossing, Boston, for now and thank goodness for that. Some of the stores they're closing have been wastelands for a while; some of them haven't been. All in all there's nothing to be happy about. The book business loses shelf space, authors lose opportunities, consumers lose some choice and lots of people lose their jobs.

I saw a lot of people crowing on Twitter about the big sales coming up but I can't even bring myself to pick the flesh off Borders' bones. For one thing it doesn't make me feel good about myself to take advantage of it, and for another the indies need the sales more than Borders does at this point.

Here's a list of indies you can shop at as an alternative to Borders.

Remember too that many if not most of these stores do online sales, too. So even if there isn't one within an easy drive you can still shop indie if you want to.

On to more personal business now! Between the weekly blizzards and the illnesses my husband and I had, January seemed like it lasted about five minutes. February, on the other hand, has been S-l-o-w. Our new cats are still settling in and I think we're so focused on them that time has just been crawling, painfully!

Pandora, the more outgoing of the two, has been playing almost daily; she still won't let us pat her but she's interacting more. The other cat, Tanya, is still pretty shy, but we're working on her, too! I hope to have pictures to show you soon but it's not easy because Tanya likes tight little spaces where we can barely see her and Pandora is very jumpy.

Otherwise things have been pretty low-key. We had some nice weather this week but it's back to the cold and snow now. Reading-wise I'm working my way through Jane Eyre and also enjoying Heliopolis, by James Scudamore. It's not a 2011 release but I've been so bored by most of the 2011 books that I (tried to) read that I'm probably not going to worry about any more for now. I put down Swamplandia!, A Discovery of Witches and The Oracle of Stamboul, but I haven't weeded them out yet so it's still possible I may go back to them. Not likely, but possible. I hope to finish Heliopolis today and move on to another book from Europa Editions, The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine, by Alina Bronsky, next.

Well back to the trenches I guess. What are you reading today? Have a great Sunday!

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