Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Armchair BEA: Some of My Favorite Blogs & Bloggers

Many Armchair BEA participants are interviewing each other today but I missed the cut-off to take part in the interviews. The alternative today is to make a list of some of our favorite blogs and bloggers- so here I go.
  1. Lakeside Musing is one I've been reading almost from the beginning. I love JoAnn's easy going style and great taste in books.
  2. Nonsuch Book is one of my favorite literary-fiction blogs. Frances reads many of the same kinds of things I do and I almost always add to my wish list when I read her posts.
  3. The Crowded Leaf is another great blog covering all kinds of books. Alayne reads a nice variety of things and always has something interesting on her shelf.
  4. Dolce Bellezza is another great blog focusing literary fiction. It's also a great-looking blog and I love Meredith's recipes and personal stories, too.
  5. The Blue Bookcase is a relatively recent addition to my blogroll, another great litfic blog.
But you know what? I love all the blogs in my blogroll and lots more to boot. There are a bunch of blogs that for some reason I never got around to listing on my sidebar but I read them all the time anyway. Many of them are real-life blogging pals like Dawn of She is Too Fond of Books, Jason of Brain Candy Book Reviews and Sarah of Archimedes Forgets. Go visit all of them!