Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Books You Don't Need in a Place You Can't Find

This Memorial Day, my husband and I took the opportunity to visit the delightful Montague Book Mill, a used bookstore in pretty Montague, MA, a ruralish town in the north-western part of the state (440 Greenfield Rd. Montague, MA 01351)

We arrived around lunchtime and settled into the Lady Killigrew Cafe for sandwiches and sodas; I had curried chicken and it was pretty good! It was a beautiful warm day and we were able to get a nice shaded table for lunch.

But then it was time to hit the store- and what a store! Used books in a myriad of subjects fill this pretty house set on a rushing river:

Naturally I settled into the fiction room, which was smallish but had a nice selection of mainstream fiction, graphic novels, mysteries and science fiction. We wandered around the rest of the store, too, perusing all the different sections. The staff were nice enough to set our books aside as we wandered so we weren't traipsing up and down stairs with our bundles!

Scattered throughout the house are cute little reading nooks and chairs set by open windows; the main entrance is filled with tables and chairs for people to settle in with a book (or a laptop). They even have free WiFi!

At the end of the day we walked off with a modest stash of books; I found a pile of six Angela Thirkell paperbacks and another random book, all of which I'm excited to have found and look forward to reading.

The complex also contains a movie and music store, a dinner restaurant called The Night Kitchen and a gallery selling higher-end crafts next door. If you're ever in the area I'd definitely recommend you stop by and spend a nice afternoon or evening in this fun place.