Friday, July 1, 2011

Introducing The Europa Challenge!

Love Europa Editions books? If so, please join me and lots of other great bloggers for the Europa Challenge! The Europa Challenge starts today at You can post reviews, check out the 100 Europa Editions book list, try the Europa meme and more. You can participate by
There are several levels from which to choose, and a couple of specialty challenges as well.  If you'd like to join by posting to the EuropaChallenge blog and sharing your reviews with the growing Europa Challenge community, email for your invitation.

I started the challenge along with my friend Liberty, a bookseller from New Hampshire; neither of us is affiliated with or employed by Europa Editions; this is a fan project from two die-hard Europa fans looking to share these great books with our fellow readers and bloggers. I'm going to participate at the 14 book level- I can't wait! I have so many of these great books in my TBR pile that I'm hoping to surpass the 14 book goal. What level will you choose?

If you're unfamiliar with Europa Editions, check out the Publisher Spotlight series I did with them earlier this year. It includes reviews and interviews with Europa authors as well as Europa's editor in chief.

Check it out, and I hope to see you there!