Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Finds: What a Week in Bookselling Will Do

So, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know my big news- I started working this week as a full-time bookseller at the New England Mobile Book Fair, the venerable independent bookstore in Newton, Mass. Open since 1957, it's a gigantic warehouse of books. It's wonderful, and I get to go there nearly every day. Well, spending my days in a warehouse of books where I get an employee discount is not going to be good for my book habit- or, it's going to be very good indeed. Here's what I picked up during my first week.
Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson. I got it on Monday after I heard the announcement come over the loudspeaker "Steve Jobs is here."
Red Shift, by Alan Garner, is a science fiction/fantasy book about the same location in England over several hundred years. I understand there's a time-travel element and the book even includes a cipher at the end that the reader has to solve, to understand the ending. It's incredible looking and just intrigued me, so I had to pick it up.
The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I've never read this classic about orphaned Mary who comes to live with her uncle in a mysterious, foreboding castle. Penguin has a new line of books called Penguin Threads- three books with embossed, embroidered covers. The other titles in the series are Emma by Jane Austen and Anna Sewell's Black Beauty. Look these up at your local indie- they really are gorgeous and would be a wonderful addition to your paperback library.

Serve the People! by Yan Lianke is a satire on Chinese politics. It was banned in China and anything banned or scandalous sounds like it's worth checking out.
What I Saw and How I Lied is the first of two young adult titles I picked up on the recommendation of my friend Nikki, a Scholastic rep. It's about a teenage girl and family secrets during World War 2. The other one is
Revolution, by Jennifer Connelly, about the French Revolution and another teen girl. All of these books look great and almost all of these books have been on my wishlist for a while. Red Shift and Serve the People! were the only impulse buys. But I can't wait to dive into every one!