Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Salon- Fall Is Here!

I know it's not official until later this month but let's face it- summer is over. This past summer has been great- I read lots of good books, went on a fun trip to a resort island, worked a ton, bought a grill for the backyard and used it several times per week. But it's time to roll up the hammock and at least think about finding my sweaters and jeans. For this week I'll still be in capri pants and light blouses- temperatures will be in the high 70s with lots of sun. But I can still dream about cool days, hot cider and apple pie.

This weekend we got a good start on fall by attending King Richard's Faire, an annual Renaissance fair that takes place over the course of about two months. It was pretty fun. It was very kid-oriented but there was plenty of fun for grownups- food, animals, games, shopping. I got a pretty silver puzzle ring and ate my weight in.... well, actually I had a chicken Caesar wrap for lunch and a root beer float for dessert, hardly a feast worthy of a Renaissance lady but one that suited me fine. Jeff shot some arrows and enjoyed a turkey leg (secret: turkey legs at Ren fairs are really ham hocks) and we both had a great time.

Today? Today I'm working at the bookstore in the morning and running errands in the afternoon. And reading. I just finished Tana French's Broken Harbor so expect a review this week; I need to pick a book to read next though. What should it be? I also started The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers and I'm enjoying it. I'm putting The Inquisitory aside for now or at least slowing down my progress.  I also finished Marc Fitten's delightful Elza's Kitchen, which I enjoyed. Well, I'm sure I'll find something, but I'd definitely appreciate any suggestions!

Hope you have a great Sunday. I understand Sunday Salon is mostly on Facebook these days (I have more or less stopped using Facebook so I don't know) so I think you need to go there for more posts.