Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Book Blogs I Love

It's here again folks, and though I almost missed it, I found out over the weekend that this is the week. I'll be participating kind of sporadically; I hadn't planned anything so I'm going to just kind of wing it.

Today's topic is other blogs we appreciate. BBAW isn't doing awards this year (wise decision in my opinion) so it's all about showing our appreciation for the blogs we love.

You only have to look at my sidebar to see just some of my favorite blogs and bloggers. Scrolling down the list this morning it's impossible for me to choose my top favorites so I'll just say, visit any of the blogs on my list and you can't go wrong.

There are blogs I read because their taste is similar to mine and I'll always find books to add to my TBR pile, like Nonsuch Book, A Guy's Moleskine Notebook and Dolce Bellezza;

there are blogs I read because their content is creative and original and push the boundaries of what a book blog can do, like Books and Bowel Movements and Enrique Freeque's Forum;

there are blogs I love because the bloggers are loyal, prolific commenters, like Raging Bibliomania and BermudaOnion;

bloggers who are good friends in real life, like Archimedes Forgets, A & A's Movie A DayLaura's Review Bookshelf, Care's Online Book Club, and more,

bloggers who bring sunshine into my day whenever I get to peek into their world, like You've Gotta Read This and Scobberlotch;

blogs whose topics are specialized and fascinating, like Reading Proust in Foxborough, ImageNations and Almost Insider,

blogs which emphasize diversity and global literature, like Amy Reads, Kinna Reads, and The Feminist Texican [Reads],

and all the other blogs I love for their passion for books, whether or not they read the things I do or comment all the time or post every day or once a month or hardly ever. Going over this list, I noticed I really need to update it with all the blogs I read all the time but haven't bookmarked. So many great blogs!


Jeanne said...

I agree about the awards, and I love this annotated list, because it always rejuvenates my blogging to find new blogs and I've gotten curmudgeonly about exploring to find them on my own (in my "free time").

Bellezza said...

What a wonderful way to categorize your book blogging friends! (Thank you for including me in your selection. XO) I look forward to exploring those new to me from this post.

bermudaonion said...

I'm flattered to be included on such a fine list!

Bellas Shelf said...

You have an awesome list of bloggers! I am excited to go check all of them out.
I am glad to of found your blog and hope you have a wonderful BBAW and normal rest of the week <3
BBAW Day 1

Lenore Appelhans said...

I may not comment anymore, but I still love your blog! And remember Library Thing Tuesdays? Those were the days!!

Amy said...

What a great list of bloggers, I am so honoured to be included! Thanks for being so awesome :)

Alexia561 said...

Am glad that Amy ditched the awards, and I love this new idea of highlighting some of our favorite blogs! I'm looking forward to discovering some wonderful new blogs!

Sandy Nawrot said...

You are so kind! I absolutely love you and your blog. I just got back from SIBA this afternoon, so I wasn't able to do this post. Maybe I'll just do it later in the week. Anyway, I would put you on my list any day. (Short story, have to make you laugh. At SIBA, I got up really early one morning to exercise, and in the dark accidentally pushed the app button on my phone for the cat noises. I scared Heather O' Roark, my roomy who was soundly sleeping, half to death!!!)