Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Salon: Staying Cozy this Winter-And Busy

I had a good reading month in January; I read 10 books or so, and enjoyed most of them. But how did I stack up against my goals? Here are my goals for the year:
  • One Europa Editions book per month for a total of at least 12 for the year. Probably I'll read more; I tend to! Check! I actually read two.
  • Six books by author Angela Thirkell for the year. Angela Thirkell's books are largely out of print but I've been able to amass a nice collection of her delightful English country tales nonetheless. Time to make a point of digging in! Nope.
  • One audiobook on the iPod at all times; one nonfiction book on the nightstand at all times. The audiobook-listening helps me squeeze in extra books without having them take up space! Check, although I haven't found an audio I wanted to finish yet. I DNF'd two and am looking for a new one. Any recommendations? I also DNF'd one nonfiction bedside book and started another that I'm loving, Agent Zigzag by Ben McIntyre.
  • One book in each of the following series: Factory Series by Derek Raymond; Mollison Town Quartet by Tim Davys; World Noir series from Europa Editions. Nope.
  • Six Booker Prize winners for the year. Nope.
  • Three NYRB Classics by June.Nope.
  • One graphic novel per month. I DNF'd one graphic novel in January. Onto bigger and better things in February.
Well, not necessarily bigger! This month I'm concentrating on short books. My rule of thumb is that the spines can be no thicker than 1/2 inch. The purpose of this rule is to force to me to read some of the little things that have been lurking in my TBR pile, both old and new. NYRBs tend to be small, so I'll likely start on my goal of 3-by-June. Also, crime novels tend to be short.  So far I've already completed one thin book, The Father and The Foreigner by Giancarlo De Cataldo. It was very good. I'm starting Comedy in a Minor Key, by Hans Keilson, today. I'm also reading The Dervish House, by Ian McDonald, which is not short but I started in January so I'm allowed.

How are you doing with your reading goals this year? Do you have any? I'm not sure how all this is going to work out but sometimes giving myself goals helps me to remember to read things that I would put off, and I'm almost always glad. I hope you have a great Sunday! More Sunday Salon on Facebook.