Saturday, August 10, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 4

The question for Day 4 of the 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge is: What is the last book you flung across the room?

You know, I can't even remember. I just don't do that anymore. The last book I DNF'd was James Joyce, the biography by Gordon Bowker.. I started reading it in preparation for my trip to Ireland but the (sad) fact is, I'm not a big Joyce reader, and I'm not that interested in his life. Having said that, it seemed like a perfectly fine book for someone who is. It just wasn't right for me. I'm returning it to the person who lent it to me but usually when I don't like a book I just unfold the dogear and put it in the donation pile. If I flung it, it might break the spine and be rejected for donation, and then what would I do?

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