Monday, November 16, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I finally finished The Big Green Tent, by Ludmila Ulitskaya, which I think has to be my favorite book this year by sheer size and volume. It's going to take me a bit to process it but it was really, really good.

I'm still working on Flood of Fire but I only have like five chapters to go. So any day now!

As for what's next, I've got a few things in mind. I did start Cities of Salt, by Abdelrachman Munif, about the discovery of oil in a fictional Persian country, and I'm enjoying it very much. It's another chunkster but it moves and I'm reading 2-3 chapters a night before going to sleep.

Since Big Green Tent was my "purse book" I'm open to new candidates, though I think I might indulge in a quick C├ęsar Aira to cleanse my palate before another big book. I kind of want to read the new Patrick Modiano, So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood. Or maybe I'll burn through some shorter novels for a while and clear some space on my bookshelf- for new books! What do you suggest?

And what are you reading this week? Tell me in the comments!