Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Salon

Another week, another- what?

I couldn't even tell you. Event-wise, there were three highlights- my husband's office annual dinner, seeing a Doctor Who episode on the big screen at the Museum of the Moving Image and the annual Momo Crawl.

The Momo Crawl is an event when Queens residents and others gather in the Jackson Heights neighborhood to walk around to the 20+ purveyors of Tibetan food in a six-block radius to eat as many soup dumplings as we can in three hours. Participants include food trucks, sit-down table service restaurants, walk-up counters and basement buffets. This being New York, there is even a Tibetan restaurant inside a cellphone store. My group was the first to pick up maps from organizer Jeff Orlick, who used to conduct food tours in Jackson Heights; this was our second year doing the crawl and at least the third that it's been going on.

Trays of momos awaiting hungry crawlers!
So the way it works is, you pick up a map from Orlick, then go around on a self-guided tour of momo discovery and pay $1 for each momo you eat. Most places had a variety to choose from, usually chicken, beef and vegetarian, and the veggie option could be anything from chives to a mix to potato depending on the place. One restaurant's momos had a kind of curry filling and another had what I swear was lamb. But everything was yummy and one restaurant even had little dessert cakes made from barley flour, yak cheese and butter that they gave out for free. We started early and had about ten momos each.

The annual dinner was fun also. My husband is a First Amendment lawyer and works for an organization that supports journalists; his organization's annual dinner featured documentary films as the subject of a panel and included some very thought-provoking material. Also the food was very good and I got to rent a pretty dress so that was fun.

Later this week we're planning to see "Spotlight," one of the films featured at the dinner, which is about how the Boston Globe broke the story of the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal in the Boston archdiocese, and get started on Christmas cards. Because it's getting to be that time!

This week I have a bag of books to donate at Housing Works, a big charity bookshop in Soho, and a trip planned to Manhattan's quilt shop, The City Quilter.

What are you up to today?

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