Friday, August 17, 2007

Love Hina and today's reading

Okay, so I'm working my way through the 14 volumes of Ken Akamatsu's shonen manga Love Hina. And it's been pretty easy sailing. The series is a light piece of fluff (14 pieces of fluff really)- a sweet little romance tucked into a lot of silliness and typical shonen T&A. I know a lot of manga fans who really hate Love Hina but I've been enjoying just taking it at face value. Until Volume 10. I just finished Volume 10 a couple of days ago. Volume 10 has been, for me, the low point of the series. That thing with Mutsumi losing her memory and attempting to breastfeed Naru, who's 20? Just plain ticky-tacky-icky. It took me forever to finish Volume 10 cause it was just torture. Like, please let it end! Well it ended and I flew through Volume 11 in about two days- breakneck speed for me for Love Hina. And I think (hope!) we're back to normal now, whatever "normal" means for a story about a lovable loser like Keitaro and his loony bin girls' dorm. I think I may take a break from Hinata House and get back to Kare Kano for a while.

I also started Swim to Me by Betsy Carter, an advance readers copy I picked up at ALA. It's pretty good so far- seems reasonably well-written. Not War & Peace but not bad. More on that once I've read more.

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