Thursday, August 23, 2007

REVIEW: My Cat Loki, by Bettina Kurkoski

Release Date: August 2007. Click on the cover to buy.

My Cat Loki Volume 2, the second in a three-part manga series by artist and writer Bettina Kurkoski, is a worthy successor to the first. The first volume of My Cat Loki was the first manga I ever read, and I thought it was absolutely delightful. I loved that book. I talked it up to all my friends, to bookstore staff, to anyone who would listen. It was such a treat, I still will take any opportunity to promote the books to anyone even the least bit interested in cats, comics or manga. So naturally I was completely psyched to get the second volume and while it didn't exactly disappoint me, it was very different in tone from the first.

The story is about Ameya, an artist who is recovering from the loss of his beloved cat Luka when he meets scrappy stray Loki and takes him in. The first volume, emotional rather than plot-driven, covers the beginning of their friendship and the obstacles they face as they try to open up to each other. It also covers Ameya's efforts to recover his career in the midst of his personal struggles. In this task he is assisted by his smokin' hot agent, Ms. Chacha, who happens to be secretly in love with Ameya. Naturally he is clueless and Volume 2, by far more focused on plot, finds him chasing the attractive and talented Luci, an up- and- coming photographer, and missing the signals sent out by his shapely agent.

Volume 2 is also more about moving the story forward and it does so well. As such it sort of lacks the drop-dead charm of the first but it is still fun and sweet and engaging. The artwork is completely adorable throughout and I can't wait for Volume 3 and the conclusion to the saga of a man, his cat and his agent.


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I adore the illustration!

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