Friday, October 3, 2008

Banned Books Week - Other Web Sites and Happenings

So, you're interested in Banned Books Week but my humble little blog isn't satisfying your craving for information and involvement. Okay. So I've assembled a list of resources and articles to give you more information.

I Love A website run by ALA for non-librarians, this site has a feature on Banned Books Week and lots of links on advocacy, library issues and "Ask the Librarian" to answer your questions.

The Forbidden Library. A website run by an anti-censorship person, listing various banned books and the reasons they were challenged including specific instances. I couldn't quite figure out the creator's background/qualifications but the site looks like it's informative.

Google Book Search has a page on Banned Books Week too.

Amnesty International
uses Banned Books Week as an opportunity spotlight the plight of those "who are persecuted because of the writings that they produce, circulate or read."

Surfing the Net with Kids has produced a kid-centric feature on Banned Books Week.

The Online Books Page
has an information-rich feature on banned or censored books with an emphasis on classic literature including Shakespeare and Whitman and others not on lists of more recent banned or challenged works.

There are more sites and resources out there, too, of course; these are just a few. Happy reading!

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Shana said...

Thanks for the references, Marie.

I was just agreeing with Dawn (She is Too Fond of Books) that I want to be more prepared for this event next year and these sites will help with that.