Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eighth Book of Christmas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, I looked around my craft room and realized I had, as usual, started more crafts than I will ever finish- at least this holiday season. Which brings me to today's book, or books, anyway- the Christmas from the Heart series by the respected crafts magazine publisher Better Homes and Gardens.

If you like to make gifts and decorations, or do yummy baking at Christmastime, you really can't go wrong with any of the books from this series (I couldn't even find out how many volumes there are; pictured is Volume 16, published in 2007 and probably the most recent. There is a link to purchase the book if you click on the cover).

Each volume features easy- to moderate-in-difficulty projects on various themes, like "country Christmas" or "white Christmas", and every volume is different but there are likely to be projects involving glue guns, stitchery, sewing, glass ornaments that you paint or decorate or fill, decorative painting, crafts with pinecones or candles, or any number of other crafts. Better Homes and Gardens publishes general crafting magazines as well as an excellent quilting magazine and there is usually a quilt project of some kind as well. Basically there's something for almost anyone. There are usually also one or two projects related to Hanukkah but in the past I've noticed errors in some of their projects- mislabeled Hebrew letters and such- so if you need suggestions for Hanukkah I do know of a few good resources. I just wouldn't suggest BH&G in that case.

But these books are a fine source for easy, attractive Christmas crafts. Many crafts in these books are kid-friendly or good for kids and parents to do together. One book features Christmas cards decorated with press-on stars found at office supply stores, for example. And many of the crafts are challenging enough for adults. So it's just good clean fun for all.

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