Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fourth Book of Christmas

On the Fourth day of Christmas I realized that it is in fact the Fifth day of Christmas.

Today's book is the utterly charming and sweet Christmas is Together-Time, a Peanuts book by Charles M. Schulz. I have an old copy that I purchased at a used book store in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, on one of my husband's annual family outings. Click on the cover to purchase from your local Booksense-affiliated independent bookseller.

It's a small format hardcover whose pages alternate red and green and it's just as wholesome and sweet as you'd expect. The entries range from funny ("Christmas is a bowl of hard candy... that always sticks together.") to the adorable ("Christmas is when you hug your little brother.") to the poignant ("Christmas is a box of tree ornaments that have become part of the family.").

And, as is characteristic of Peanuts, it's honest about childhood ("Christmas is losing your mother downtown in a crowded store.") and reminds us to be kind to others ("Christmas is giving your last two nickels to the Salvation Army... cheerfully.") It's a sweet reminder of what the season is supposed to be about.

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