Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tenth Book of Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas I was stuck inside again as the result of an unexpected Nor'easter- the weather people predicted 2-3 inches of snow and we got more like 4-6 in an afternoon. So in between enjoying a marathon of "X-Files" reruns I looked around at some of the cute Christmas children's books we have in little piles around the coffeetable.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas by Patricia Scarry (illustrated by J.P. Miller) is a scratch-and-sniff book about a little bear looking forward to Christmas and enjoying the pleasures of the season, such as fresh-baked apple pies and gingerbread men, and fresh-cut Christmas trees. It's a cute book, very secular in orientation as Christmas children's books go, and would appeal to and is probably meant for very young children. It would be a cute book to read to a small child and little kids would probably enjoy the scratching and sniffing.

It's cute, sweet fun for the very young, or the very young at heart. Click on the cover to buy from your local Booksense-affiliated independent bookseller.


Sam said...

I have just finished reading quite a nice little book - probably for older children really - by J.R.R. Tolkien - a collection of letters as written by him (as Father Christmas!) to his children - it is called Letters from Father Christmas; and it is really quite detailed, Tolkien just had an amazing imagination!

Marie Cloutier said...

thanks for the suggestion; I'll look into it for next year's 12 Books- it sounds like a good choice. I decided to do this little feature at the last minute & it's hard to come up with great choices for 12 days! :-) Thanks for reading & commenting!