Thursday, January 31, 2008

How sweet!

Juliette nominated me for the Make My Day award! Thank you, Juliette! That was so nice, and made my day!

Now I get to nominate up to ten people/blogs that I like a lot and share the love.

I'm more of a blog writer than a blog reader, so I only have a couple but these are definitely worth checking out:

Karma Kitties - a charming blog on knitting, cats, and parenthood. I love Bertha's crafts and great pictures of her beautiful daughter.

Book of Life Podcast - a great podcast on Jewish books, especially childrens' books. I always learn something new when I listen to Heidi's podcast. It's fun and enriching, both personally and professionally. Heidi's passion and enthusiasm for Jewish books and childrens' librarianship really shine through.

Have Cake, Will Travel - Celine's fun, beautifully photographed food blog. I always see something yummy-looking and fun on her blog.

Research Buzz - Tara Calishain's incredibly informative blog and newsletter on the world of online information and search. She wrote the book- literally- on searching Google with skill, and her publications are a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the ever-changing online world. I read her newsletter regularly and have mined it for material for this blog more than once.

That's it for now. I'll work on finding some more good ones to share with you.

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Bertha said...

Aw! Thank you Marie! :)