Wednesday, January 2, 2008

REVIEW: Will You Still Love Me if I Wet the Bed? by Liz Prince

Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? by Liz Prince. Published 2005 by Top Shelf. Paperback.

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The other day I went on a little spending spree at my favorite comic book store and came back with this little gem, Will You Still Love Me if I Wet the Bed, by Boston-area comic artist Liz Prince.

Will You Still Love Me... is a short little coffee-break of a comics collection, just 71 small pages of two- to four-panel comics starring a young woman named Liz who draws comics, her boyfriend Kevin and cat called Science. I gather the characters are not entirely fictional. The topic is love and relationships and the tone is mellow and loving.

Prince's drawing style and prose style resembles that of comic artist Jeffrey Brown, who penned a little comic introduction to the book- rough and quick-looking, with true to life details like the cat not moving from the bed when you want him to, or being hypersensitive about what your boyfriend says in his sleep, or joking around about the consequences of borrowing a little money. I enjoyed how Prince revels in the quiet, private moments of a good relationship. The art and the writing compliment each other nicely. Both prose and pictures are economical but effective and not over-worked; the characters' emotions and love for each other shine through.

I've already read through it several times. It's adorable. If you like sweet relationship stories, go pick it up- you'll love it.


FTC Disclosure: I did not receive this book for review from the publisher.

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Alea said...

I got this one on my last comic book store trip! And also another one of her's I can't remember the name right now. It is cute!