Monday, July 21, 2008

Graphic Novel Monday: Korgi, Book 1, by Christian Slade

Korgi, Book I: Sprouting Wings! by Christian Slade. Published 2007 by Top Shelf Comics.

For the most part, since I've started Graphic Novel Monday I've been featuring books best suited to teens and adults; today begins a short series of all-ages graphic novels, suitable for children.

Korgi is a great example of an all-ages graphic novel, and also of the genre of "silent" or wordless graphic novels. First in a series of adventures starring Sprout the Korgi and his human companion Ivy, the book tells the story of the day that Sprout and Ivy leave their home in Korgi Hollow, have adventures, and find out something unexpected about Sprout's powers.

With this book, it's all about the art. Save for an introduction at the beginning and a two-page spread at the end showing the cast of characters, there is no writing in Korgi. And what art it is. The entire adventure is communicated in lush, detailed line drawings in black and white. There is a gorgeous variety of light effects, textures, action sequences and fleshed-out characters large and small, good and bad. There are some monsters, but it's not too spooky. Overall the effect is charming and engaging. Ivy and Sprout's adventures are richly illustrated and easy to follow even without any narration.

There is a blurb on the book saying that the book would be great for fans of The Hobbit and other fantasy literature; I fully agree. It's definitely a kids' story- a quickly moving, beautifully drawn and easy to understand narrative with nothing unsuitable for children. I would also recommend it specifically to young girls, since it stars a girl but it would also be great for boys and anyone else interested in fantasy or adventure stories. Parents will like it too and it would be fun to read and share with a child. Since there are no words, it's a fine choice for a reluctant reader as well. Korgi is good clean fun for the whole family.

Rating: BUY

FTC Disclosure: I did not receive this book for review from the publisher.

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