Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Finds

Here's my stash of books from vacation, including the package I got the other day from City Lights Bookstore.

Yay, books!

I've got a bunch of graphic novels, some poetry, and some plain old fiction.

The only thing missing from this picture is the small selection of zines I picked up; those are tiny and hard to photograph.

As you can see I did not restrict myself to much. New books, used books- all kinds of books. Not a huge stash but not bad. I'm planning on ordering a cookbook that was sold in the restaurant in which I had breakfast each morning in Las Vegas but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Also new this week, The Pages in Between : A Holocaust Legacy of Two Families, One Home, a recent nonfiction work by Erin Einhorn, which I received for review. I have one review obligation in line ahead of it but I'm looking forward to reading it.

Finally, the mail brought me galleys of Sarah's Key and The Gone-Away World. Should be enough to keep me busy for a while!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love getting new books. They make me smile.

Kathleen Gilligan said...

I look forward to your thoughts on "The Pages In Between" :)

Anonymous said...

Saw The Pages in Between at the bookstore but I had to refrain from buying--so no Friday Finds this week. :) I've got this tower of books at books waiting to be read. I'm reading Sense & Sensibility and Middlemarch at the same time.

Steven van Lijnden said...

Hello there, thank you for the comments on my blog - always welcome! :-) I work at a bookstore and am generally drowning in books I want to read. Most of your vacation titles look familiar even if I never got around to them. At the moment I am on Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, which might take me a while.

Alea said...

Spaniel Rage is a fun one!

Sandra said...

I see City of Thieves by David Benioff in that pile. That's a really good story. I think you'll enjoy it.

Tara said...

I also have The Pages in Between for review and think it looks really good! I haven't begun it, but will look forward to your review.