Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Salon

So that's me from a couple of years ago, feeding a camel and doing what I'm going to do today- go
to the Topsfield Fair!

The Topsfield Fair bills itself as "America's Oldest Agricultural Fair," having started in 1818. All I know is I've been going for just about my entire life and it's awesome.

They have petting zoos, all kinds of exhibits- flowers, turkeys, rabbits, cows, pigs, dogs, crafts, award-winning vegetables, beekeeping, junk food, rides, games- and more. It's one of my favorite fall traditions. I can't wait!

Tradition dictates that we arrive early, hit the B'nai Brith foodstand for hot chocolate and snacks, and then dive in head-first.

But I have to talk about what I did yesterday as well- the BlogHer Reach Out tour. BlogHer, which works for development and community-building among women bloggers, held a day-long mini-conference in the Boston area yesterday, attended by what seemed like several hundred bloggers. It was both fun and productive. I got some good tips on improving my blog and met a bunch of really great women. Here are some links to the women I met:

Liz and Janice of The Mom's Guide to Meal Makeovers;
Naked Anarchists, a Vermont-based mom blog;
Sally HP, author of Sex and the Knitty and Knitty Reviews and "wannabe mama blogger";
Chester County Moms, a blog of community and resources for Pennsylvania mothers;
Elicia of 360 Public Relations LLC;
Candelaria Silva Collins, a Boston-based writer, facilitator and consultant;
Cora Cooks, a food blog;
Kimberly of, "wasting bandwidth since 1994";
Renee of Almost Foodies;
Melissa of The Collection Space;
Megan of Megan's Minute, "quirky commentary around the clock"; and
Alissa, of PersonalLife Media.

Thanks for a great day, ladies! It was so much fun meeting you all and exchanging ideas on making our blogs better. I'll be adding all of you to my blogroll in the days to come.

Reading? Yeah, I might do some of that today too!


Anonymous said...

BlogHer is so cool. I'd love to go the the convention sometime.

BooksPlease said...

The mini-conference sounds amazing. I'll check out the links.

Shana said...

Have fun at the fair, Marie.

Oh you're so lucky getting to go to the BlogHer mini-conference. I'd love to do that sometime.


Serena said...

I have a BlogHer account, but I'm rarely on it. I haven't figured out the community. I'm glad you learned a lot at the mini conference.

Anonymous said...

That fair sounds amazing! I wish we had things like that here. Most of the fair-type things in my province are waaaay out in the country.

Anonymous said...

The BlogHer convention sounds like a great event. I will def. try to go to the next one.

I really wanted to go to the Topsfield Fair this weekend as well, but alas, I have some work to catch up on.

Megan said...

Hi Marie,

It was a pleasure meeting you at BlogHer Boston! Libraries are such an important part of our communities and librarians like you help keep them a welcome place to go.


Anna said...

I've never heard of BlogHer, but it sounds very interesting. Glad you had a wonderful time!

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