Monday, February 9, 2009

Graphic Novel Monday: SquareCat Comics by Jennifer Omand

SquareCat Comics, by Jennifer Omand. Published 2005 by JetPack Press.

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SquareCat Comics
is a collection of slice-of-life comics by writer and illustrator Jennifer Omand. She uses the comic to tell stories about her everyday life- work, relaxing, spending time with her boyfriend. She represents herself with the square cat and her boyfriend by the bird.

The comic started when she resolved to write and draw a comic a day, and the reader can see her growth as an artist as over time the drawings become more sophisticated and finished. The art starts out fairly rough but as the book progresses the reader can see the figures becoming more consistent and the background details rendered more clearly and effectively. The storytelling also becomes a little more complex as it goes along. I enjoyed paging through her day to day adventures, even when the comics were about something as simple as needing to find a topic for today's comic. Most of the comics generate a smile; some are laugh-out-loud funny and some are just sweet.

SquareCat Comics reminds me a little of the Jim's Journal series with its laid-back humor and straightforward black and white line art. Some of the humor is a little juvenile (fart jokes, references to things being "gay") and some mild sexual content renders it unsuitable for children but fine for teens. It's a cute, light, quick slice of 20-something life.

Rating: BORROW

FTC Disclosure: I did not receive this book for review from the publisher.