Saturday, August 1, 2009

Book News

A few interesting book links and news I found around the web this week:

A "Frog and Toad" discovery, from the Los Angeles Times. Was Frog and Toad are Friends one of your childhood favorites? It was one of mine and I was thrilled to hear this news.

The 2009 Man Booker Prize longlist is announced. Are there any of your favorites listed? Do you think you might read them now that they're nominated for this prestigious prize?

Alternatively, The Guardian has announced the Not the Booker Prize, a reader-nominated award whose prize is a coffee cup. Vote for your favorite.

Finally, Publisher's Weekly has what may be the first review of Vladimir Nabokov's posthumously published The Original of Laura, coming out in November.


wisteria said...

HI Marie....Thanks for the info on Frog and Toad. I'm always reading and discussing these books with my kids. Great to know they found a new story.
Thanks for the link.
Also...thanks for the Booker List
I was and will still read the Waters book and Brooklyn. I don't know about the others yet. I already had my sights on these two.
Great links...thanks.

Lenore Appelhans said...

Loved Frog and Toad. I just bought some of them to have in my collection.

And I really want to read Booker nommed The Children's Book!

Tasha said...

Cool news about Arnold Lobel. I laughed about the one-legged cover illustration.

Bonnie said...

I am showing my age when I say that Frog and Toad weren't around when I was a child! I wish that they were as I would have loved them. I got to experience the love of Frog and Toad while reading them with my son who loved them.

S. Krishna said...

I very much want THE LITTLE STRANGER to win the Booker - loved it!

Amy M. said...

I have to share this story...
A long time ago when I was a bookseller, a man came into the children's section and asked for a book recommendation for his son. I selected Frog and Toad. He looked at the books, shook his head and told me he would not consider them because Frog and Toad were clearly gay.

I looked at him and said, "Are you seriously outing Frog and Toad?"

I didn't make a sale.

(Life by Candlelight)