Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Finds

Three finds this week.

The Photograph, by Penelope Lively, came from Bookmooch. I read about it on Janeology author Karen Harrington's Scobberlotch blog and it sounded really interesting, about a man who discovers a picture of his wife holding hands with another man, who then becomes determined to find out the story behind the picture. Oh, and you should be reading Karen's blog if you're not already!

The Original of Laura, Vladimir Nabokov's last work, was published on Tuesday and I was the first person to buy it at my local indie, Porter Square Books. It's a collection of notes on his last novel, which he never completed. The book actually reproduces his notecards and you can pop them out and mimic Nabokov's writing process by playing around with the order. I don't think I'm actually going to do that but what a fascinating concept.

Finally, Whom God Would Destroy, by Commander Pants (ahem) arrived late last week for review. This just looks like fun- a religious parody of sorts. Can't wait.

What can't you wait to read this week?

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bermudaonion said...

The Photograph sounds so good. I love Scobberlotch!

Vasilly said...

I have The Photograph on my TBR list. I love the description of it. Too bad my lib doesn't have it. I'm looking forward to re-reading a lot of my childhood favorites this weekend and next week. Have a great weekend!

nomadreader said...

I read The Photograph in the summer of 2004 (I remember reading it in Venice, so it stayed with me.) I didn't love the book, but I think I had really high expectations. I don't remember the specifics, but it was well-written and interesting, but I didn't love it. I'll look forward to your thoughts on it to refresh my memory!

Karen Harrington said...

Glad you found The Photograph. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. I'm with Nomareader: I loved the concept and the execution was good, but now that it's been a week since I finished it, I can't help thinking what the story would be like in the hands of Ian McEwan! Do you ever think about another author writing the same book like that? How they would handle the plot, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Great reads!

I bought Nabokov's book, also, the day it came out. It was soooo good to be back in a book store.

The Photograph is a book I have already read, and enjoyed.

Bryan R. Terry said...

Commander Pants?

My Finds are HERE

Marie Cloutier said...

Brian, yes, Commander Pants. Got a problem with that? :-)

Alexia561 said...

Will be curious to hear what you think about The Photograph, as I thought it was an interesting premise but didn't deliver.

I'll have to take a look at Whom God Would Destroy, as it sounds interesting.


Zibilee said...

I am so, so curious about the new (old?) Nabakov and really want to see what you think of it before I go out and grab a copy. I agree that the note card aspect of the book is pretty neat, but I can't imagine ever popping them out. Enjoy your new books!