Friday, December 17, 2010

A New Kind of Friday Finds.

I do a weekly link roundup on the blog I run for work and often I come across things I think are neat but not a good fit for that blog. So that means you, my lucky and brilliant readers, get the benefit.

Brian Solis has an interesting article on The State of the Blogosphere 2010. What do you think?

I heard about the Out with a Bang Read-A-Thon at Book-Savvy. I kind of love this, the idea of clearing out the 2010 stash. I can't possibly read them all but I've been trying to work my way through mine this month and failing, thanks to the mammoth but wonderful To The End of the Land. I haven't signed up for this challenge yet; do you think I should? Will you?

A pretty for Francophones and Francophiles: An article in French about the history of different ABC books: Abécédaires: ordre et commencements.

The fab ResourceShelf blog ResourceBlog has a piece on Endangered Languages: New Online Database from the World Oral Literature Project.

A funny for the holidays: Santa Killerz: a handy guide to dealing with People who are Annoying at Christmas. I know some of these people. I'm related to some of them. I am some of them. Are you?

Finally, the bestest article I've read so far about the future of books and publishing. Do you ever get tired of everyone tripping all over themselves to predict the demise of the book? Because I do. From Terrible Minds, The Future of Publishing 2010 Prognostication Wank Snargh Pbbbt *Poop Noise*. Read and be validated.

I'll be back with Friday Finds in a couple of weeks. I have a feeling Santa may be bringing me a book or two.


Mystica said...

Thank you for the links!

ImageNations said...

thanks BB... I enjoyed reading and visiting the links

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I love link round-ups, except that I always end up adding YET MORE blogs to my reader! I love the idea of Out With a Bang Read-A-Thon - I might seriously consider that one!

Laura said...

Fun post Marie, thanks !

Zibilee said...

I loved this post because I am often ignorant of what is going on throughout the internet, other than what is on the blogs I frequent. A lot of these links sound rather interesting, and I am going to be checking them out. Thanks for doing this round-up!

Wendy said...

Loved these links! I especially liked the State of Blogging article (interesting stuff there) and laughed out loud at the Santa Killerz!! I may participate in the Out with a Bang Read-A-Thon just to ensure I reach my reading goal this year :)

Anonymous said...

santa-killerz had me laughing out loud, and sending it off to some friends/family.

Brian Solis' article was interesting in that he doesn't seem to mock the blogger which is usually the kind of article I tend to come across.

Terrible Minds was riotously funny. I think I shall have to visit Mr. Wendig more often.

thanks for the links, Marie.


Erin said...

Fun links to peruse! Thanks!

I'd love to do the end-of-year readathon, but when I'm at my parents' house, I hardly get any reading done! The blogging article was really interesting, full of some cool statistics. And the Santa Killerz post...very entertaining and helpful :-)

Jeanne said...

Now that I've read Santa Killerzz it will help me deal with the folks in my small town for the rest of the year--thanks for that!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for all of the links. I'm off to check them out!