Thursday, May 12, 2011

Simon Says: Give Me Five

I got this meme from Matt of A Guy's Moleskine Notebook; it was originally created by Simon, whose great blog I discovered thanks to this fun meme!

1. The book I’m currently reading:

To Be With Her, by Syed Afzal Haider. I like it so far! It's about a young man from Pakistan moving to the United States in the 1950s. It's very engaging and I'm learning a lot, too.

2. The last book I finished:

The Dry Grass of August, by Anna Jean Mayhew. I think a lot of people would enjoy this coming of age story set in the South, also during the 1950s as it happens.

3. The next book I want to read:

I really want to read Stefan Merrill Block's latest, The Storm at the Door. I loved his debut, The Story of Forgetting and his new one is up next for sure.

4. The last book I bought:

I bought Refresh, Refresh, a collection of short stories by Benjamin Percy, at a used bookstore over the weekend. I read the title story in my writing class and while I read a couple of stories I liked better during the class, there was just something about his writing that made me want to read more, and I can't say that about any of the other authors to whom I was introduced during that class. So even though it wasn't my favorite story, he was doing something right!

5. The last book I was given:

The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe by Andrew O'Hagan was a gift from the wonderful Heather of Raging Bibliomania. She's one of my favorite bloggers and one of those with whom I share a lot of favorites, and this was her special recommendation to me- she even sent me her copy! What higher recommendation is there than that?


Sandy Nawrot said...

I saw Simon's post on this meme, but must have missed Matt's! Sorry Matt! I might just jump on this bandwagon, as I'm filling up my schedule when I'm gone in June. You have a nice line-up of books here! And I'd venture to say there are no bad books that you'd get from Heather.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Fun meme! I've also been the recipient of books from Heather. I wish I could let go of books as easily as she does - we could move to a smaller house! LOL

Zibilee said...

I am so excited about The Dry Grass of August and after hearing Mayhew speak last year, I know it's going to be a fabulous book. So glad to hear that Maf arrived safely. I hope that you love it!

Anonymous said...

What a nice set of reads!

Esme said...

All of these books sound good.