Friday, June 1, 2012

Pin It and Do It! The Results

So here are the results of my Pin It and Do It Challenge!

I set out to do three things from my pinboards.

First up was reading The Secret Garden, which I had pinned to my Books I Want to Read board. That's one! Here's my review.

Next up was a recipe I pinned to my Food board called Bourbon Chicken. You can see the recipe at You're Gonna Bake It After All. I forgot to take pictures but it was delicious. Like, make it every week delicious. I tweaked the recipe a little; I used dark brown sugar and plain vinegar because they were what I had on hand. But it was fabulous!

Finally, I made an owl!
I pinned this to my Crafts board and you can find the pattern and more information at You Go Girl. I love crafting with wool felt and I look forward to making more of these, and more felt ornaments from my craft board. I love the owls that feature embroidery and different color schemes, too.

So go visit for more Pin It and Do It Challenge results and thanks to Trish for running this great challenge!


Audra said...

That owl is soo cute!! I really need to do this challenge because my Pinterest boards are out of control!

stacybuckeye said...

I've loved seeing what all you participants have taken on for the month. That owl is adorable!

Esme said...

The owl is adorable. What a great new cover for The Secret Garden.

Kathleen said...

Great post Marie. I joined Pinterest and have done absolutely nothing with it so far.