Thursday, May 10, 2012

REVIEW: The Secret in Their Eyes, by Eduardo Sacheri

The Secret in Their Eyes, by Eduardo Sacheri. Published 2011 by Other Press. ISBN 9781590514504.

The Secret in Their Eyes got my attention because it promised a riveting crime thriller combined with a moving love story and it delivers on both counts.

Set in Argentina in the 1970s, Eduardo Sacheri's book tells the story of a gruesome rape and murder and its lingering aftermath in the lives of an investigator, a judge, the victim's husband and the killer. Benjamin Chapparo is retiring from a long career as a court clerk; he decides to write a book about the killing of a beautiful young woman and at the same time renews a friendship with Irene Hornos, a judge he has been in love with for years. The story alternates the past with the present, the story of the crime with the story of writing about it.

Benjamin is hit hard by the horrific crime, and by the toll it takes on her devoted, loving husband, and, unsatisfied with the lack of interest in solving it shown by his office, he undertakes his own investigation, assisted by his best friend and coworker. The two of them make a colorful, unlikely detective pair but they find the killer and get him convicted. However, Benjamin has made some enemies along the way and the country's political corruption and along with a personal vendetta get in the way of justice. At least, that's the way it seems to Benjamin, until he learns the shocking truth years later, leaving him with even more disturbing questions to ask of those he thought he knew.

It's a terrific book. I will admit the present-day side of the story had a little less urgency for me but I never got bored. The cast of characters coupled with the challenges they face make for really compelling and emotionally involving reading. I'd recommend The Secret in Their Eyes to readers who like a good dark crime novel mixed with politics, love, and an ending I guarantee you will not see coming.

Click here and I'll tell you about the Oscar-winning 2009 film which might even be better than the book.

Rating: BUY

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bermudaonion said...

That sounds like a page turner! I'm wondering why I've never heard of it or the movie.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Sounds excellent!

Kathleen said...

This one definitely sounds like it would have me flipping through the pages! Thanks for recommending.