Friday, August 24, 2012

What's New on the Shelf 8/24

 Just a couple of new things this week! But I've been reading like crazy, I have, so it's okay, right?

I want to read all the Elena Ferrante I can get my hands on in preparation for the release of her next book, My Brilliant Friend, this fall. So I was glad to be able to order Troubling Love from work.

I also picked up Flann O'Brien's The Dalkey Archive at a used bookstore in Boston, Pazzo Books. This is a comic novel about a village in Ireland; I was curious about it because the Dalkey Archive Press is named for the book and I love them!

That's it for me this week. Still working on my fall-galleys post. Just been lazy! That could change any minute now.


bermudaonion said...

I hope they're both fabulous!

Zibilee said...

The Flann O'Brien book looks like something that I would like, so I am glad that you got your hands on it and will be able to tell us all about it. Nice new additions! They look exciting!

Kathleen said...

Just stopping by to say Hi...I am way behind in my Google Reader!