Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crafturday! Two New Quilt Tops Finished

So I've been working through the various projects I have stacked up in my sewing room lately; sometimes I would find a pattern I liked and buy fabric for it but like the books I buy and take forever to read, it might be a long time before I got around to actually making the quilt. The seashells quilt above is one example. The pattern comes from Teri Christopherson's book The Best of Black Mountain Quilts; then I fell in love with the seashell fabric and knew I had to make something with it. I finished piecing the quilt top this week. It was a fairly complex quilt with a lot of seams to match; I did my best but it's far from perfect! It's throw-sized, about 43x63 inches or so.

With the left over scraps, I was able to piece together a small doll quilt!

The pattern came from Patriotic Little Quilts by Alice Berg. I love the Little Quilts books (there are several- Celebrate with Little Quilts, Little Quilts! All Through the House and Living with Little Quilts); when I used to make miniature quilts, I used them extensively. Now they're great for leftover projects!
Both of these quilts still need quilting and finishing. Right now they're just pieced fabric. I anticipate hand-quilting the larger quilt and machine-quilting the smaller one. Then I need to find people to give them to!

What's next for me is probably a Christmas project, with another kit I purchased ages ago. I'm still working on the redwork project I told you about in the last installment of Crafturday. Stay tuned!


bermudaonion said...

They both look great to me! The imperfections of handmade items is what makes them interesting.

Care said...

Nifty! something fun to do on a gloomy day like today, huh?

ChaosIsAFriendOfMine said...

Those both look great! The doll quilt is especially cute.

Audrey said...

They're both beautiful! I love the colors.

Trish said...

Impressive work on the Seashells quilt. That does look complicated, but I love it! That will be a favorite for some lucky person.

Anna said...

They turned out great!