Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Announcing the 2013 Europa Challenge!!

Announcing the 2013 Europa Editions Challenge!

The challenge runs from January 1 until December 31, 2013. There is no deadline for signup!

To join: please email for posting access. You need a Gmail/Blogger account to participate.  


  • Ristretto Level (2 Europas-just try a little) 
  • Espresso Level (4 Europas-a little more)
  • Cappuccino Level (6 Europas)
  • Caffe Luongo Level (12 Europas) 
At any level, you can qualify as
  • A Connoisseur, by accepting the Perpetual Challenge;
  • An Expatriate, by choosing books from a single country or original language;
  • A Passport Holder, by choosing books from different countries or original languages.
  • You can also do the Tonga Challenge or The World Noir Challenge, and devote yourself to reading Europa's specialty lines. 


  • Read, review, and post your reviews on The Europa Challenge blog.  See the Participant Guidelines for more information.
  • We encourage you to cross-post your reviews and posts to your own blog and link back to the Challenge blog.
  • You can overlap your selections with other challenges as long as the books are published by Europa Editions.
  • Post your book list whenever you want, and change your reading list at any time.
  • Enjoy these great books!
From time to time Europa Editions has offered (and may or may not offer again) giveaways and exclusive interviews on the blog. In 2012 the Challenge also hosted a Holiday Swap. Who knows what we'll do next year!

Email me at to sign up at any time!

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