Friday, May 3, 2013


So, among the many reasons I haven't been blogging a lot lately is that when I'm home pretty much all I want to do anymore is sew. I recently learned simple zipper installation, and I can safely say that life will never be the same again.

I've been experimenting with lots of different kinds of bags and pouches. Yesterday I started a jewelry roll, which I completed this morning:

The zippers don't match because I'm buying them in small assortments right now and I never get two of the same color. I made this for practice so I don't really care if the zippers match, but when I make a nice one either for myself or as a gift, I'll need matching zippers! I'll also match the thread next time. I found the pattern here, on the Fiberosity blog.

I liked the way this came out. I made a couple of changes already, in that I didn't use premade cord to tie it up and I interfaced the pockets. The next time I plan to make a few further tweaks, but these instructions are a wonderful place to start.

I've experimented with other zippered pouches too but my very favorite comes from the wonderful sewing blog Dog Under My Desk, Easy Zippered Pouches. I've made two of these so far and I plan to more. The first is a quilted pouch just like the sample:

I love love love this little guy, just big enough for some cash and a chapstick. I want to make a thousand of them. I have a friend who would just love this but I have to keep it for myself. Maybe I'll make her one next! It doesn't take much fabric. And then today I made this one, out of oilcloth:

I used the same measurements but because it's not quilted or lined and thus not as bulky, it came out a little larger. It's still quite small though. I bought a fat quarter of oilcloth and I could make several of these pouches from that fat quarter. I love love love this one, too! And I love Erin's blog. I've already bought one of her patterns and I'll surely come back for more.

I may end up selling these in my Etsy store, Pandora's Craft Room, at some point but I'm still just playing around with zippered pouches for now.


picky said...

I LOVE the typewriter material. These look great.

sawcat said...

I am in the same boat. I've been either stitching, looming or knitting lately, so I haven't been doing much bookish other than reading lately.

Those bags look great. I will have to keep a watch on your Etsy store.

Anonymous said...

These are so cute, matching zippers or not!

Laurie C said...

Those are really cute!