Sunday, June 2, 2013

June is International Crime Month!

Do you read crime fiction? If so, this is the month for you. And if you don't, there' s never been a better time to start. This month, Grove Press, Akashic Press, Melville House and Europa Editions are getting together to promote the crime genre.

Start with World Noir, a sampler published by Europa Editions. You can pick it up for free from independent bookstores, or download it here.

The book features essays by publishers, crime writers and critics with tributes, essays and interviews. Then, there is a series of samplers from Europa crime titles like Jean-Claude Izzo's classic Total Chaos, Kirkus-starred The Crocodile by Maurizio de Giovanni and Philippe Georget's Summertime All the Cats are Bored. The book also features a country-by-country guide to crime fiction, including those published and not published by Europa Editions.

I read this book through and really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about what characterizes Mediterranean Noir as well as its literary and cultural heritage. I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in international mystery and crime!

The participating publishers are running a number of special events at various bookstores around the U.S.; check the events calendar of your local indie to see if something's coming your way!

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to celebrate, your readers could pick up here a crime book to review: look at the last titles on my side bar here, scheduled for July: