Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blogging Challenges and Changes

I have been dealing with serious blogging blockage lately. All of my book energy goes into my job, and when I'm home and not reading, I'm just doing other things. You know, things besides things having to do with books. I know, impossible, right?! What do you mean, things besides things having to do with books. There are no such things!

Well, there's my sewing business, and my writing, and my fitness hobby, and my acupuncture sessions, and time spent with my husband and friends. So, there are a few things.

All this has meant that I basically just blog on Mondays, and any posts I don't write on Monday don't get written for the week. If you're still here, and I think not many of you are, you'll have noticed the paucity of reviews. Another factor influencing that deficit is my lack of interest in writing reviews for books I don't absolutely love, and there are always a few of those. And when I'm just lukewarm on a book, and not sure if I should review it or not, I've been opting for not.

But I really want to have a more active blog so I'm going to start posting (or re-posting) older reviews on Thursdays and call them ThrowBack Thursday reviews. I'm not into posting childhood photos of myself on the internet, but I can do an old review a week. These reviews will not be tagged or labeled in any searchable way, because I tagged the original reviews, and any buy links will be removed because I don't do that anymore anyway. I hope you enjoy them.

Other changes may be in the works, too. I haven't done what's-new-on-the-shelf in a while, and I've been toying with the idea of doing occasional posts on cool things I see pass through my hands at the bookstore. And I'm looking for more ideas so if you have any, I'd love to know!

Thanks to my readers who've stuck with me- I really appreciate you!


Sandy Nawrot said...

Well I'm still here! I'm not sure if my once a week Sunday Salon updates are enough to consider myself active, but I began to feel like the reviews were a slog. It is a freaking huge amount of work, on top of whatever you have going on in the real world. It would be unhealthy though to allow blogging to take over your real life, so whatever. Personally, I love when you give us a heads up on things that come through your store that are garnering interest...things that aren't necessarily on the bestseller list.

Dana said...

I'm still here; I always check your blog for reviews, what new books are on your shelf, and your idea to post about cool books you see at the bookstore is absolutely great. Blog about anything you love, your posts are always interesting, important it is to do it when you're thrilled about a subject and you feel you would like to share it with us xxxx

Cheryl Leigh said...

I am happy to ride the changes, your blog is always a treat to read. Well done. Cheryl

Jeanne said...

I'd like to hear about cool things that pass through your hands at the bookstore.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea - throwback posts... I sometimes read my posts from years ago and wonder why no one commented - especially for classics. So, I think it is a lovely idea. Best to you on all your endeavors. :)

ChaosIsAFriendOfMine said...

There is something in the air I think. A lot of the bloggers I follow seem to either be going through a slump or just cutting back on their posting. I went through a slump this winter too. I think I'm back on track now that the weather is finally getting somewhat nice. My motivation goes down to zero when it's cold.

Throwback Thursdays are a fun idea - looking forward to reading them!