Saturday, March 22, 2014

Crafturday: Where Are My Dragons?

Trapped in their maze, on this pillow. I made this as a gift for the folks who put us up in Austin a few weekends ago.

There was a mistake on the blue dragon which I caught in time to fix it. It's pretty horrifying when you look at a paper pieced pattern like this, which I would describe as intermediate with plenty of smallish pieces, and find that something that was supposed to be blue was black and now your dragon looks like it has a pencil neck. But I did catch it in time!

The pattern is from the book Spellbinding Quilts, which features wizards, dragons, fairies, witches and other magical creatures. The block is 71/2 x 15 inches and the total pillow size is about 18 inches.

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R. J. said...

That is so gorgeous. I love the whimsical theme and you have given me an idea for a project with my granddaughter. Thanks.