Friday, April 4, 2014

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 7: Blogging Quirks

The seventh question in the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge asks us to "describe your blogging quirks."
  • I like to talk about who I think would like the book, whether or not I did. When describing books to others, I tend to break them down by appeal factors- plot, style, setting and character- to help my readers figure out if the book I'm talking about is a good fit
  • I like to have the book handy as I'm writing, to make sure I'm spelling names correctly and such.
  • But I always end up correcting something after the final review is posted.
  • I don't really do rough drafts anymore.
  • I write most of my posts on one day of the week and rarely write on other days. So if I write two posts that day, those are the two I have for the week. 
  • I tag by publisher, date, rating and broad category- fiction, nonfiction. I will tag for things like science fiction and crime fiction in case someone comes looking for books in those genres. I wonder if I ought to tag translated books, too. What do you think?
  • I like listening to music when I write. I have a Pandora station devoted to piano music and classical guitar. For some reason these genres help me concentrate.
  • Sometimes I write my posts when I'm watching TV. Like right now, I'm watching My Little  Pony. So this post probably makes no sense and that would explain Twilight Sparkle any weird things you might see pop up.
 What are your blogging quirks?

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Anonymous said...

I like to tag translations because I like to track how many I read in a year for my year end review. It makes me mindful to read books that I might not typically be marketed to read.