Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Game of Thrones S4E6- Tyrion on Trial

Spoilers Ahead! Don't read if you haven't seen this week's episode and don't want to know what happened.

So this week's episode was decent.
  • Daenerys is starting to deal with the real-world consequences of her grand, symbolic gestures. A man came to ask for her for a decent burial for his father, whom she crucified last week. She was agreeable to that.
  • Stannis visited the Iron Bank on Bravos and was given a chilly reception to say the least. 
  • Sightings of the Hound were reported back to Tywin. I was amused that no mention was made of Arya and I wonder what to make of that. I know the Arya-Tywin reunion scene I've been longing for for months now will never happen but it still makes me giggle to think about it.
  • Yara tried to rescue Theon/Reek from the clutches of Ramsey Snow, to no avail. Then Ramsey let him have a bath. Another day at the office for Theon "Bad Choices" Greyjoy.
  • No sign of Jon Snow, Arya, or Sansa, except in flashback.
  • The big thing this week was Tyrion's "trial". Even Jaime was disgusted by the farce of it. Tywin told him privately that he intended to send Tyrion to the Wall after the guilty verdict comes down, and Jaime told Tyrion, who proceeded to ask for trial by combat after being thoroughly betrayed by Shae, his old lover who made a surprise appearance in court. Now we know she never got on that ship. Wonder what she's been up to in the interim?
The scenes with Yara trying to rescue her brother were pathetic in their pointlessness. I felt bad for her. You just knew it was going to fail and she is an almost-sympathetic character, tough and resilient. Tyrion's trial has been the joke I expected and his anger was impossible to turn away from. Peter Dinklage really commands every scene he's in. Jaime continues his good-guy arc. He's a complicated person but on the whole I'm still rooting for him. This episode flew by for me. I found it very suspenseful and almost riveting. Of course this whole season has been so boring so far, that might not be saying much. The only sexual violence was off-screen- Ramsey Snow was shown having sex with a woman and then emerging from his boudoir covered in lacerations, so who knows what went on or what shape she was in. But at least it was off-screen this time. 

Overall I thought it was an above-average episode. I felt cheated that it ended at 9:52- where's the other eight minutes, David Benioff? But what can you do.

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Sandy Nawrot said...

Ha! We said the same thing..."it's not over YET, is it?". Guess whatever scene needed shooting, 8 minutes were not enough. I absolutely love Tyrion. He has more class than the whole lot of them combined. I'm actually feeling a little sympathetic for Jaime. Maybe there is hope for him yet. So who will be dueling? That was the big discussion for us. We think Bron and maybe The Mountain. Or Jaime? Hmmm. And how did you like Davos' little speech to the Iron Bank? He came through, man. Good thing Stannis didn't kill him.