Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Game of Thrones: He Squished Him Like a Grape, or The Mountain and The Viper

You know the drill- Here there be spoilers.

So you certainly can't say nothing happened this week.  The recap:
  • Sansa saves Baelish's bacon with the folks at the Vale by testifying that Lysa committed suicide because she was distraught over Baelish's feelings towards Sansa. Which, Sansa said, Lysa only imagined. 
  • Arya and the Hound arrive at the Vale only to find out that Lysa has died, and Arya loses it a little. The Hound seems like he's in pretty bad shape with a festering infection.
  • The Wildlings overrun the place where Sam's girl Gilly is staying and it looks like Igritte lets Gilly hide with her baby but Sam is convinced that she's dead, and he's devastated. 
  • Daenerys finds out, finally, that Jorah had been spying on her back in her Dothraki days. She was not pleased, and banishes him.
  • Grey Worm and Daenerys's assistant develop a sweet little romantic sub-plot.
  • Baelish tries to convince Robin Arryn to act more like a grownup and take on the role of being Lord of the Vale. Sansa vamps it up in an interesting outfit that might signal some change in her character.
  • Tyrion and Jaime have a tedious heart-to-heart about a cognitively-challenged cousin of theirs who liked to crush beetles. I was too bored to understand the point.
  • Then finally at long last we have the big standoff between Oberyn and the Mountain, and stupid Oberyn gets his skull crushed to jelly after delivering a fatal blow to his enemy.
My thoughts:

I don't know what Sansa's up to. This seems to be a sea-change in her personality, like OK I'm not going to get pushed around anymore and by the way Petyr Baelish you owe me. I like seeing her take more initiative and start pushing back. If anyone needs to straighten up and fly right in this show it's Sansa because clearly her tactic of being meek and mild hasn't been working.  I thought all the stuff about Jorah spying on Daenerys was really old hat and I was surprised to see it come back to bite him at this point. HBO had released some pictures showing him leaving her and I thought it was going to be a sexual-jealousy thing since she's sleeping with the other guy now but I guess not. The Grey Worm romance plot was sweet and I hope to see more of that but knowing Game of Thrones it won't end well for anyone.

And Oberyn. If you've read the books (or Wikipedia like me) you knew what to expect but it was still shocking. The show has been veering away from explicit sex lately (and hooray for that because really, it wasn't even titillating, it was just disgusting) but they're still fine with the gory violence. Poor Oberyn. I knew he was going to die this week but it was pretty gross. I like the way they teased out the suspense and put the scene at the very end of the episode.

I don't know anything in particular but I have a feeling we'll see Gilly again. I predict she'll end up at the Wall and we'll have one person who saw Igritte doing something evil (that kid whose parents she killed) and one person who saw her being merciful, and some kind of standoff will ensue. Or not. But they seem to be setting something up.

Two more episodes left guys! Then what are you going to watch?

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