Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Game of Thrones: Season Finale- The Children


Well I have to say this week's episode, sadly the last till 2015, was great. It jumped around a little but it definitely felt like characters were brought into line and readied for the next stage of their lives. And nothing will be the same for anyone after this week's finale.
  • Cersei tells Daddy Tywin she's not going to marry Margaery's brother and Daddy Tywin says yes she will, and Cersei says no I won't cause I'm having sex with my brother. Then she has very consensual sex with that brother.
  • Jaime and Varys helped Tyrion escape. He found Shae in Tywin's bed and killed her, then killed Tywin. So now he's a murderer, and he's in a box on a ship going somewhere. It looked like Varys is going with him, unless I misunderstood something. Do I sense another buddy situation?
  • Stannis Ex Machina. Jon Snow tries to negotiate a peace with Mance but just when his leadership would have been tested Stannis Baratheon arrives on the scene and takes Mance prisoner. Melisandre looks Jon up and down like a side of beef.
  • Daenerys learns that while dragons are cute when they're little, they grow up and cook people. She chains up her two smaller ones after the big one turns a little girl to charcoal. It's OK Dany, indoor pets live longer anyway.
  • Brienne finds Arya and battles the Hound for her, but Arya wants nothing to do with her despite being fascinated by the sight of this big grownup woman in armor. Arya takes off leaving the Hound alive but dying. She gets on a ship to Bravos and uses her magic coin for passage. Remember the French guy with highlights from a while back, the assassin? He gave her that for this very reason.
  • Bran and co. reach the magic tree house. Jojen dies heroically. Hodor hodors.
I was pretty much riveted the whole time.  I don't quite get what was up with those skeletons though. And does Melisandre know that Jon has king's blood? But which king? That doesn't make any sense, right? Now that my boyfriend Dreamy Charles Dance is off the show, it's up to my other boyfriend Dreamy Ciaran Hinds to take up the slack. So I hope we'll see more of Mance in Season Five.

But that won't be for a very long time indeed. These Game of Thrones seasons are too short and too far in between. I wouldn't want them to stretch it out by having more filler and hand-wringing but I wish the seasons were longer. Well, it was a pretty good season I guess. Highlights for me were the arc of Prince Oberyn, Jaime's continuing transformation and the Brienne and Podrick comic relief. I'm bored with Daenerys, was happy to see Joffrey buy it, and not very interested in what happens to Sansa. Little Finger took a big backseat this season too. Maybe we'll get more intrigue next season? We'll see! Will you be waiting with bated breath like me?


Sandy Nawrot said...

Your synopsis cracks me up! That red-haired witch did look like she wanted to eat Jon Snow with a spoon. She is crazy, I don't like her. I'm very sad The Hound died...he was growing on me. I'm over Dany and her self-satisfied smirk as she rules her kingdom. But she shows her age. You can't have things perfect - there are tradeoffs for everything. My son tells me the ground outside that big tree was cursed ground, and that it sort of protects the tree. Or something. I was just fine with Tyrion's murderous rage (those two deserved it) but he is basically screwed now. No money, he's still a midget, and he only has Varys watching over him.

bibliophiliac said...

Sansa is so annoying, isn't she? Although she is becoming more canny. From reading A Feast for Crows, I know there is a lot in store for Arya on Bravos. And it was pretty much fate that she would go there. The books and the tv show diverge here and there, but I read/watch more or less in tandem. I only have one more book to go in the series, but I'm waiting because.....then I will have no more books!