Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Last week I finished World of Trouble, by Ben H. Winters, third in the Last Policeman series. It was so great. The whole series was great, especially the first and last books, and the ending was so fitting and beautiful. I strongly recommend this series for mystery readers but I think lots of people would enjoy it.

Gosh, what am I reading now? I started a whole bevy of new books this past week.

First up is Take This Man, by Alice Zeniter. It came out in 2011 from Europa Editions and it's about a young French woman who marries her African best friend to keep him from being deported back to Mali. Will it change their relationship forever? Will she even go through with it? Will he? It's written the way a young person would talk, all energy and emotion and all-over-the-place. It's obviously also very political and I'm really enjoying it.

Next up is Climates, by Andre Maurois, published originally in 1928 but brought out in English by Other Press in 2012. It's an emotional story about a man and his failed relationships over the years. It's very moody and well-written, and very readable.

I've temporarily misplaced The Line of Beauty but I'll continue when I find it.

I'm three discs into Lawrence in Arabia the audiobook and loving it. It's fascinating and well-drawn history, not just about T.E. Lawrence but about several other notable figures who influenced the modern Middle East. 

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bermudaonion said...

I read the first book in the Last Policeman series and it didn't wow me the way it has everyone else. I didn't continue with the series because of that and now I'm wondering if I should.

Audra said...

Can't wait for your review of Take This Man -- sounds awesome.

I'm on the second book in Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach series -- Authority -- and loving it. Weird, atmospheric, moody, creepy -- perfect for the summer.

Mystica said...

Lawrence of Arabia - the film wowed me. The book should be good but I think a bit lengthy. Take this Man sounds very familiar! a situation that happened so very often.

Becca said...

Oh! Lawrence in Arabia! That's the book you just recommended me. I just got it from the library today. :)