Monday, March 23, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I'm still reading my Persephone from last week- Tea with Mr. Rochester is an off-center book of short stories set in England approximately during World War 2, about young women and love. The heroines are all slightly unconventional young women who are having trouble dealing with their family and/or their expectations.
I also started reading another Persephone, Marjory Fleming, by Oriel Malet. Marjory Fleming is the fictionalized biography of a real little girl who lived from 1803-1811. She was a poet and writer and died at the tender age of 8, but her writings were very popular during the Victorian period and the book is a bittersweet tale of a bright girl putting her feelers out into the world.

Finally, I started a new Europa book, The Frost on His Shoulders, by Lorenzo Mediano, about an ill-fated love affair in the Spanish Pyrenees. It's a short book and I expect to finish it in a day or two.

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Mystica said...

I like your first book Tea with Mr Rochester