Monday, June 22, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I'm still working on What Ends, which I enjoy reading at about a chapter a day. It's not a particularly slow-moving book but it works for me at that pace.

I also started The Patron Saint of Ugly, by Marie Manilla, as my subway book. So I expect to finish that tomorrow since I'll be on the subway a lot. :)

It's about an Italian-American girl growing up in West Virginia who is covered in port-wine stains and is believed by her community to be a healer. She is descended from an unofficial Italian saint on her father's side and though she doesn't believe in her healing powers, others do. It's equal parts coming of age and black comedy. And it's about a redhead, which I have to be down with.

Cesar Aira's collection of short stories The Musical Brain is still on my nightstand and will be for a while. I just finished the title story, which appears around the middle of the book, and I have to re-read it before I continue, because sometimes you have to re-read Aira now and then.

What about you? See more at and have a great week.


Harvee said...

The Patron Saint of Ugly sound like an unusual and tempting book.

( By the way, you have me listed as Book Dilettante in your list of blogs, thank you. However the blog address is an old one and won't take readers to my current blog. The new address is Thanks much :) )

Mystica said...

All new to me. A chapter a day is good I think.