Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Salon-Christmas fun in NYC

Decorated home in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
There's so much to do in New York during the Christmas season. In Boston we had certain holiday traditions- "It's A Wonderful Life"at the movies, Christmas lights, Irish Christmas concert. We can do just about all these things in New York and more, and we got started last week with a screening of IAWL at the IFC Center in the Village, and a Christmas lights bus tour in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights last night. We have an Irish Christmas concert tonight, then later this week we'll visit a Christmas village in midtown and the Feast of the Seven Fishes later in the week. We'll find some time to visit Rockefeller Center and see the display windows at Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's too. Basically every spare moment this week will be spent getting as much Christmas out of New York City as we can.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Alongside that life continues. I'm working on my annual round-up post showing some statistics and fun facts about this year. And I'll be doing a wrap-up post for the Europa Challenge, a blogging community challenge that I've run for five years now.

But life seems quiet even with all the activity and running around. We've got the tree up, the apartment decorated and we're just enjoying the season. The one thing I haven't done which I used to do in Boston is the holiday baking. Last year at this time we were 3 months into the move and I was too stressed out to even think about it; we got cards and gifts out late, and barely got the tree up at all, so doing the holiday spread was just a bridge too far. Now I feel more settled here and better able to take on the holiday merriment but I still don't think there are any home-baked cookies in my Christmas this year. Which is kind of sad, because I miss doing that, but maybe by next year I'll be ready again.

In the meantime I hope everyone who celebrates it has a wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebration. And everyone at least have a great week!

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Joy said...

Good for you for taking in so much of what New York has to offer for the season.