Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I don't normally do reading challenges like Pop Sugar's or Book Riot's or what have you, because I tend to be a very self-directed reader and I just read what I feel like reading. I don't like checking off lists or someone telling me I need to read more of this or that. If I want to read a book, I read it. Simple as that.

But I want to do a blogging-community activity and this is one that fits me to a T. Estella's Revenge, one of my favorite blog, is running the Read Your Own Damn Books Challenge.

The Rules?
You make up your own damn rules.
  • Read my own books
  • Try to knock off 50 in 2016 that I read, and drop off discards at the used bookstore once a month.
  • Only buy a new book when I've read and/or weeded 10.
  • Use the library if I'm desperate.
Realistically I will still buy books from time to time, of course; I can't help myself. But this year I want to make a real dent in my bookshelves and I resolve to buy only one book for every ten that I read or weed. Of course I can't control what I receive from publishers unsolicited, but I would include requests in my equation. 
I don't have a list of books that I'm choosing from-just whatever is on the shelf! You can see my library on LibraryThing; anything that's not rated is unread. Let's get started!


Sarah Reads Too Much said...

I'm doing this too... It is so freeing, and exactly what I wanted to do anyway. I think we're in good company with this reading endeavor! Happy Reading in 2016!

ChaosIsAFriendOfMine said...

This sounds like a great challenge. I need to start reading my own damn books for sure!