Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Salon: Snow Days

A snowy, lazy weekend. We got socked in yesterday but I'm hoping we'll make it outside today. The last time NYC got a "big" snowstorm it was 6 inches and my husband and I practically had midtown to ourselves, everyone was so panicked. This time we got our grocery delivery in early and just sat out the blustery stuff.

So I'm spending this weekend watching American Idol episodes on Hulu and movies on Netflix and reading my books.

In NYC news, I had a busy week and I'm gearing up for a very busy week. Last week I had acupuncture volunteering and a treatment, saw a fun movie and had a great dinner out, visited Alice's Tea Cup and the Center for Fiction, sold some books at the Strand and then spent a nice afternoon sewing after some at-home Pilates. Not bad all in all.

I want to write a full review of the movie so for now I'll move on to the highlight of my week, my first visit to Chelsea Market, a shopping center/food hall in Manhattan's Meatpacking district.

OMG as the kids say, where have you been all my life, Chelsea Market?

It's this wonderland of food and food-related shopping. I mostly just browsed, although I did buy some flavored sugar from Italy and a necklace. Next time I'll come hungry and eat! There were so many great choices, I hardly know where to begin. Crepes, seafood, sushi, tacos, a huge Italian market, more than one place to buy gelato, coffee shops, bagels, "Japanese inspired Mexican," ramen, doughnuts, bakeries galore, Cambodian sandwiches, the list goes on.

I am a sucker for Italian food though and I know I'll be back for some of the tasties I saw. Of course I already have two favorite other places to buy Italian specialties but it never hurts to add to the list.

There was even a bookstore, an outlet of the NYC chain Posman's. There used to be a Posman's in Grand Central Station but it closed at the end of 2014. I've been too depressed about that to go back to Grand Central since, but I've found another! And it's great, with a good general-interest selection and a beautiful cookbook section, as you would expect from a bookstore in the middle of a food hall.

I'm still seeking specific recommendations as to what I should go back and check out, so if you've been there and you have a favorite, let me know in the comments!

This week I've got two book club meetings, a Broadway show and a haircut. Plus all the usuals. On the blog I'll review the movie I saw, talk about American Idol and review at least one book.  What do you have going on today and this week? Have a happy Sunday!

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Mystica said...

Your weekend sounds very full and very enjoyable. It made for nice reading.