Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What's New On the Shelf, January 2016 Edition

I added several titles to my collection in January. The thing about weeding ten before buying one? Whatever. That lasted all of minutes.

I did sell a bag of books this month though I definitely bought more than one book.

Apart from Ripley Under Ground, I bought two books and received two galleys:

Green Island, by Shawna Yang Ryan, came in the mail from Knopf. It comes out in February. It's historical fiction set in Taiwan.

One of my friends snagged for me the ultimate bookish prize, an ARC of Justin Cronin's highly anticipated The City of Mirrors, volume three of the Passage Trilogy. It comes out in May. I've started- slowly! :-)
Winter, by Christopher Nicholson, is new from Europa Editions and looks like a great read about Thomas Hardy towards the end of his life. I picked it up at Greenlight Books, one of my favorite NYC bookstores.

The Pirate, by Jon Gnarr, is a quasi-autobiographical novel by an Icelandic politician. It's volume 2 of a trilogy and I'll be reading it for my Scandinavia House book club at the end of February. I picked it up at the Strand, with credit I earned selling some books.

That's it! Not so bad, right? Listen, there are some incredible places here to get books very cheaply- you don't know how hard it is for me to fight temptation! So most of the time I don't.

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