Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Salon

No new reviews for a couple of weeks; as I say in my "about" page, sometimes my adventures keep me away from review-writing and my adventures and a sort of general fatigue have kept me away from it lately. I've had book club meetings, movies, errands, all the usual stuff. My thing right now is exploring some of New York's coffee shops, like Ralph's Coffee at 711 Fifth Avenue, otherwise known as the Ralph Lauren flagship store. It has a cafe and serves pretty good coffee at that. And it's just so adorably preppy. I'll be back to it, and back to writing reviews, soon enough.


Recently I decided to reactivate my presence on GoodReads, the big social media site for readers. I was very active on GoodReads for the first few years I was blogging but deleted my account after Amazon bought the site, because I do not want to give Amazon access to my reviews or reading data. I still feel very strongly about not giving Amazon my information to use but I decided to sign up again only to participate in discussion groups affiliated with my book clubs. I will not be adding books or reviews to my account so if you want to follow me there feel free but there won't be very much to see.

I have mixed feelings about this. I am sort of not pleased to be on it but I do want to participate in my book club's activity there, so for now I'll give it a whirl. I feel uncomfortable with even making that compromise and I may not last long. I do realize that many of you do not share my concerns about Amazon and GoodReads and it's not a subject I really want to discuss or debate. I just wanted to put that out there because some of you know me well enough to maybe be surprised.

This week coming up I'm going to a lecture by a paper artist, attending a book club meeting and visiting a new-to-me movie theater for a French movie. And whatever else comes up along the way. Maybe I'll check out a new coffeeshop. Anything could happen! What are you up to?


Anonymous said...

I often take a hiatus from reviewing. Yesterday, in an unusual move, I posted twice - one a review and one a sort of memorial to Harper Lee but other than that, it sometimes takes me a long period in between reviews.

Unknown said...

I've never joined book clubs, strangely, though I love reading. Happy to meet you here, Marie. Hope to read your next wonderful reviews.